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For first time in the world we are generating the encrypted password on QR codes. Every code will take some minutes to be generated but every QR code works good. Passwords are generated via QR Codes (where password will be showed after scaning) and direct txt file.

Our software is allowed on all platforms. We are curently in
progress for Android and iOS applications who will be released soon. Software for other platformas are updated very often. This tool is totaly safe for using, he have high security integration.

This Wifi Password Hack is easy and simple for using on all platforms. Getting router informations and encrypted codes will take a litlle time. When this step will be done Genereting of QR Codes or txt document will take 10-20 secounds to be completed then you can download it.

Here in the right side you can find QR Scanner for Android and iOS. You can found also that QR Scanners on Android (PlayStore) or iOS (iTunes). Also if u haven’t Android or iOS device you can download it on txt document directly on your device.